Who We Are

Who we are

Aware Girls is young women led Organisation working for women empowerment, gender equality, and peace in Pakistan. We are working to strengthen the leadership capacity of young women enabling them to act as agents of social change and women empowerment in their communities.


Aware Girls envisions a world where women rights are equally respected as Human Rights, women have control over their own lives and have equal access to Education, Employment, Governance, Justice, Legal Support, Financial Resources, Recreation, Health specifically Sexual and Reproductive Health and Social Services.


The mission of Aware Girls is to empower young women, advocate for equal rights of young women, and to strengthen their capacity enabling them to act as agents of women empowerment and Social Change.

 Objectives of the Organization:

  1. To Promote and protect young women’s rights and responsibilities to enable them to have equal access to Decision making, education , health, recreation, Financial Resources and other Social Services
  2. To promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Young Women and to strengthen the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  3. To advocate for 50/50 opportunities for women in Employment and Governance
  4. To organize and strengthen the Capacity of young women Groups enabling them to actively contribute towards sustainable development, Social Change, Women Empowerment, and Peace
  5. To promote equity, justice, equality, peace, Non violence and tolerance in the Society through Peer Education and Dialogue

Structure of the Organization:

The organization is governed and directed by Young Women and Girls. The decision making body i.e. Board of Directors of Aware Girls is composed of Young Women. The management of Aware Girls is controlled by young female staff. Aware Girls has young women members in Pukhtoonkhwa Province of Pakistan. The membership is open to Young Women and girls of the age 12 to 29.

Values of Organization:

  1. Women’s rights are human rights.
  2. Human rights are universal, indivisible, and interrelated.
  3. “Aware Girls” affirms that full and equal enjoyment of human rights is due to all women and girls.
  4. Aware Girls maintains that a prerequisite to securing these rights is the universal ratification and implementation without reservation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
  5. Peace, Tolerance and Pluralism are the basic pillars of Human Rights 
Focus of Organization:
  1. Human Rights of Young Women
  2. Gender Base Violence
  3. Political Empowerment of Young Women and Strengthening Democracy & Governance
  4. Economic Empowerment of Young Women
  5. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Young Women including HIV/AIDS
  6. Peace, non-violence, tolerance and Pluralism

Strategies of Aware Girls

  1. Group formation of young women, girls, and young women
  2. Capacity Building of the groups (workshops, Trainings, Exchanges,)
  3. Peer Education and Awareness Raising
  4. Advocacy and Campaigning (Digital and social media campaigns, community based and national level campaigns, Petitions, Policy Advocacy, Dialogue with Stakeholders, Networking, Monitoring and Research)

 Working Areas of Aware Girls

  1. Pakistan
  • §Khyber Pakhunkwha Province of PAksitan
  • §FATA (Federrally Administered Tribal Areas)
  • §Balochistan Province
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh

Achievements/Past Experience:

Promoting Peace and Reconciliation in the Conflict Affected Communities: The project aims to promote reconciliation in the communities, to combat religious extremism and promote an alternative pluralistic discourse based on the values of tolerance, non-violence, peaceful co-existence. The working areas of the Project are Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Balochistan, FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and AFGHANISAN.

A network of young peacebuilders in the name of “Youth Peace Network” has been established in four districts of the Province and FATA engaging 200 youth directly as Peace Activists, their capacity as Peace Activist has been strengthened through trainings on “Skills for Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution and combating extremism”, these peace activists are reaching more than 1000 youth annually through peer education, peace education, dialogue, community exchanges, and conflict resolution thus promoting a culture of harmony, co-existence and non-violence.

 Election Monitoring 2013: Aware Girls monitored the General Elections 2013 through Election Day monitoring of around 100 female polling stations in three districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The Election Day observation was conducted by 100 young women activists of Aware Girls who were committed to stand up for the voting rights of women. It was a unique observation conducted by young women. The issues identified and recommendations developed are available on the website of Aware Girls.

 Strengthening Democracy through Political Empowerment of Young Women: 100 young women trained directly on “Political Leadership, Democracy, and Responsible Citizenship” through four “One Week Trainings for Young Women Activists” followed by 10 one day trainings for young women in the community each year. 120 campaigns built and run by the trained young women to raise voices for their civic and political rights, to advocate for their human rights issues, and to take on their role as responsible citizens

Promoting Active and Responsible Citizenship among Young People: To provide young people of the North West and Tribal areas of Pakistan with the skills and platforms through which they can assess needs and issues of their communities and can take collective actions to address the issues; 20 groups of young people have been formed and their capacity have been strengthened through Active Citizenship and Leadership Workshops. 200 Social Action Projects addressing the issue of peace, education, environment, climate change, and gender base violence were conducted by the groups, which were highlighted in 5 different Community Events organized to celebrate the Social Action Projects.

Helpline to Respond to Gender Base Violence:  More than 80% of the women are victims of domestic abuse, but there are few support systems for women, which leave women helpless and victimized. Aware Girls Established a Helpline (Marastyal) in 2011 to provide information, counseling, and referral services such as legal aid, medical aid, psychosocial support, shelter home, facilitation in lodging FIR to the victims of gender base violence.

 Saying NO to the culture of Violence against Women: To build collective community responsibility towards challenging gender base violence especially violence against women, a year long campaign around 16 Days of Activism, National Women Day and International Women Day was conducted which included Young Women Leadership Forums for educating girls about the laws which protect women rights, attitude transformation sessions in communities through radio campaigning and sensitization seminars, engaging and sensitizing men to end violence against women; engaging media, and advocacy with policy makers for new legislation and implementation of the legislations against VAW. The campaign led to increased voices of women against VAW, therefore, Aware Girls established the Helpline Marastyal to facilitate women who face gender base violence.

HIV/AIDS Prevention among Young Women and Girls: More than 5,000 young women and girls educated have been on HIV/AIDS Transmission and Prevention by Aware Girls and more than 150 AIDS Discussion Clubs have been established, which are acting as Leadership Incubators for girls, through which girls strengthen their leadership by promoting awareness in their communities about HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, and treatment and combat the stigma and taboo related to HIV/AIDS.

Making Safe Abortion Accessible to Young Women in Paksitan and Bangladesh:  Aware Girls has established Hotlines in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Balochistan Province of Pakistan and Bangladesh which provide information on safe abortion through misoprostol, prevention of post partum hemorrhage and contraception to women. Thousands of women are reached every year through the Hotline, thus saving the lives of many.

 Research; Terrorism and its Impact on Women: Research on “Effect of Terrorism on Women” and “Gender Disparities in Humanitarian Assistance” completed, reports published, and used as Advocacy Tool

 Trauma Healing among Women: A network of 25 counselors for trauma healing established and More than 75 conflict affected young women and children reached for healing trauma and living a fuller life

 Economic Empowerment of Young Women: 2 Group of 60 young women capacitated in micro-entrepreneurship and linked to Financial Institutes for financial support, enabling them to earn their own livelihoods.




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