1. Training-Manual-on-Human-Rights-Gender-Based-Violence-and-the-Use-of-ICTs-for-Addressing-Gender-Base-Violence was developed by Aware Girls under the project Use of ICTs to Address Gender Base Violence. This training manual has been made available on-line to make it accessible to women rights organizations. It is an open source training manual, it can be used by any women rights organization in their work. The Training Manual can be downloaded Here.


 2. Training Manual on “Conflict Resolution, Peaebuilding Skills and the Use of Digital Story Telling for Peace”. It can be used for customized training on peacebuilding, conflict resolution, Human Rights, and Digital Story Telling. The manual can be downloaded Here


3. Research Report on Attitudes towards Violence Against Women in Pakistan. The research has been done using On-line Survey Mechanism. The report can be downloaded Here


4. Research Report on The Use of Hotlines to Make Safe Abortion Accessible to Women (2010-2011)


5. Research Report on The Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Displacement on Women living in Conflict Affected Areas (2010)


6. Research Report on the Gender Disparities in the Humanitarian Assistance Provided to IDPs (2009)


7. Research Report on “The knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions of Young women about HIV/AIDS”


8. Survey on Challenges to Women’s Political Participation


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