Seeds of Peace

Title  of the Project: Exploring young People as Seeds of Peace

Mission: Promoting activism and leadership among young people of North West Frontier Province for building peace in the North West of Pakistan


i.To strengthen the leadership skills and peer education skills of 25 young peace activists per year  enabling them to promote peace and non-violence in their communities

ii.        Preventing young people  from indulging in Militancy by Promoting values of tolerance, non-violence, humanism, equity among young people and helping them understand the complex realities behind the Islamic Militancy in Pakistan

iii.      To promote supportive and trusting relationship among young people from different ethnic backgrounds to promote harmony and peace  in the society


i. A comprehensive training manual will be developed on ‘Peace Activism among Young People”

ii. A gender balance group of 20 young people will be formed in District Peshawar (One of the Conflict Affected Area). This group of young people will act as “Seeds for Peace” and will promote the values of tolerance and non-violence for promoting peace

iii.      A 10 days Training will be conducted for these young peace activists to strengthen their capacity in promoting peace through propagating values of tolerance, non-violence, pluralism, and humanism among young people. The training will educate these young people on peace building, conflict resolution, and will help them understand the history and complex realities behind terrorism in the region. Specific Skills provided to young people in this training will be leadership, Communication, Mobilization, and Peer Education Skills.

iv.      These peace activists through peer education will promote tolerance, non-violence and humanism among young people and will prevent them falling prey to terrorist organizations by helping them understand the history and reality behind the conflict in region. Study Circles will be conducted to educate young people of community on Non-Violence, Tolerance, and Peace.

v.       One Study circle of 3 persons will be conducted by each trained activist on monthly basis with young people at community level, in Schools, and colleges.  20 Study Circles reaching 60 young people will be conducted per month.

Supporting Organizations: Peace Direct,Rural Initiatives in Sustainability and Empowerment


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