Title of the Project: Economically Empowering Young Women of Slums

Mission:To improve the livelihoods of young women living in Slums by economically empowering them through micro-entrepreneurship


i. To economically empower 30 young women of slums living in Peshawar by strengthening their capacity in micro-entrepreneurship and linking them to micro-credit banks and organizations

ii.To provide mentorship and support to young women living in slums to start and upgrade their business by the start of year 2011.


i.A group of 25 young women living in slums of Peshawar will be formed.

ii.A comprehensive training manual on “Micro-Entrepreneurship” addressing the needs of a women living in slums will be developed.

iii. A ten days capacity building training on Micro-Entrepreneurship will be conducted, to enable young women of slums to start their own business

iv.Networking meetings will be held between trained young women and Financial Institutions such as Micro-Credit Banks and Organizations providing small loans.

v.At least 20 young women will get loans and will start or upgrade their business

vi.Follow up meetings will be held with trained young women, their issues will be discussed, and will be provided mentorship and support.

Supporting Organization: UN-Habitat Opportunities Fund


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