Internally Displaced Women and their Issues

Title of the Project: Internally Displaced Women and their Issues

Mission of the Project: To address the gender specific needs of Internally Displaced Women through Advocacy, Education, and service Provision


i.To advocate for integrating gender issues in the humanitarian response and in National Plan of Action for Disaster Management

ii.To improve the health of Internally Displaced Women by providing them on Health and Hygiene Education

iii.To provide health and hygiene kits to Internally Displaced Young Women , specifically adapted to the needs of young women


i. Advocacy meetings for engendering humanitarian response with UN agencies, Health Department, Media, and Civil Society of Pakistan

ii.To conduct Health and Hygiene Education Sessions with women living in Camps, Host communities, and those who had returned back

iii. To provide health and hygiene kits specially adapted for young women to young women living in Camps, and Host Communities

Supporting Organization: Startfund


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