Marastyal Helpline: Providing Referral Services to survivors of Gender Base Violence

Aware Girls launched Marastyal Helpline in January 2013, through the Helpline, AWARE GIRLS will provide referral services to the women victims such shelter, legal aid, medical aid etc. The scope of services given through referral mechanism will include Information about nearest police station, Guidance in filing of FIR, Information on shelters/crises centers,  Information about lawyers (available either on voluntarily basis or on  minimum charges),  Information on Ambulance service for emergency,  Information on medico legal services. The victims will be facilitated to access these services. The main office of the Helpline will be in Peshawar which can be access both through the helpline and direct meetings, while in each target district there will be a Helpline Counselor (Expert Psychologist) who will provide professional psychological, emotional and legal counseling to the women and will provide referral services to the victims of gender base violence.

Marastyal Helpline:                           091-5863990

Mobile Number for 24 Hours Access: 03159170408


Below is the digital directory of the organizations and institutions providing services to the survivors of Gender Base Violence. Click the following link for access:


  1. Referral Directory (Comprised of Referral partners; Lawyers, NGOs, Media, Hospitals, FIA and Police Departments, and Government Departments)
  2. General List of Organizations working on Women Rights in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



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