Meet the Founders

Who was Behind Aware Girls?

Aware Girls is today well known as a platform for young women of the most difficult North Western parts of Pakistan.  But who actually was behind the idea of starting Aware Girls as a girls’ platform? Here we are with the answer; Let us introduce you to the Founders of Aware Girls:

 1.      Gulalai Ismail

Gulalai Ismail; Photo: Emme KhanThen at the age of 16, student of First Year Pre-Medical College in Frontier College for Women she initiated the idea of starting a platform where girls can be educated and trained as “Agents of Change and Empowerment”. Her idea was if we have to bring change then first girls should believe in their human rights.  Her long standing commitment has played crucial role in developing Aware Girls as an institution. She is the winner of 2009 YouthActionNet Fellowship, 2010 Paragon Fellowship, and 2013 Democracy Award. She has been recognized as Agent of Change by the British High Commission Pakistan. She has been acknowledged among 30 under 30 leading young activists working for democracy and among one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2013 by Foreign Policy Magazine.

 2.      Saba Ismail

saba2Saba Ismail; the co-founding sister of Aware Girls then 15 years, She supported the idea of strengthening girls’ voices for bringing prosperity in her community. She firmly believed that change has to come through the younger generation. She has completed her Masters in Biotechnology from COMSATS UniversityAbbotAbad, has completed Hurford Youth Fellowship with National Endowment for Democracy in 2013, and has the honor of speaking at George Masson University in DC and University of Maryland. She is alumni of the International Visitors Leadership Program USA. Her bravery and activism was acknowledged by Foreign Policy Magazine by awarding her as one among 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2013. She is also at the Steering Committee of UNOY and represents Asia in the World Youth Movement for Democracy. She has done research on “Role of Young women in Emerging Democracies”. She is the co-founder of South Asian Regional Feminists Forum on Women’s Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. She has worked as Youth Ambassador for Asia Pacific Youth Network (APYN: 20120-2013). She joined Aware Girls as Executive Director in September, 2011.

3.      Javeria Sana

Javeria Sana, then 17 and student of First Year in Amina Degree College Hayatabad who was already working in her community for girls education and the right of girls to health. She instantly fell in love with the idea of having a girls’ platform which will be led by girls and will highlight girls’ issues. She has a long standing commitment with Aware Girls ideology; she contributed in strengthening Aware Girls as an institution. She developed programs on HIV/AIDS Education for Girls and Addressing Violence against Women through Girls Power Clubs, Digital Stories, and Engaging men to end violence against Women. She is serving at the Board of CYO an. She is a Master Trainer and expert on Community Mobilization. She has adopted Teaching as her carrier.

4.      Sidra Jahangir

Sidra Jahangir then 17, was student at Peshawar Model School. She was the co-founder of Child Rights Advocates Forum, an athlete, and a Debater. She met with other co-founders in a Seminar on Violence against Women and committed to become part of the Girls’ rising movement later named as Aware Girls. She is now serving as Dentist and support Aware Girls’ mission and ideology.




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