Aware Girls’ conducted a Survey in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and FATA to find the trends of violence and extremism among young people. More than 1500 young people were engaged in the Survey. Here are some key findings. 
46.3% participants responded that the use of violence appropriate for the betterment of religious or political ideology.  70% of the participants said Jihad meant sacrificing life for Islam, 60% said it means to fight against non-Mulsims. The participants were asked if they support the ideology of Taliban, in the Pre-Test 23.3% responded Yes and 43.3% responded that they support the ideology of the Taliban upto some extent, while only 33.3% said they don’t support the ideology of Taliban.
The participants were asked if they had the opportunity to sacrifice their life for defending Islam, will they be avail the opportunity of martyrdom, in the Pre Test 83.3% respondent Yes.  36.7% of the respondents considered Taliban as threat,  and 33.3% considered Extremism as threat to Pakistan. 53.3% of the participants respondent that they don’t think keeping  friendly relations with people of other faiths and religion in OK.
Only 23.3% thought material on Jihad should not be included in the curriculum. 83.3% of the participants agreed to the statement that those Taliban or militant groups are good who are continuing Jihad outside Pakistan. In a question to who is responsible for Jihad, 40% of the participants said it’s responsibility of State and 60% said it’s responsibility of every individual, In the Pre Test only 26.7% of the participants said the use of power for the furthering the cause of Islam is prohibited.
Few years back, Governer of Punjab Province of Pakistan (Salman Taseer) was killed by his guard using the excuse of Blasphemy (Salman Taseer met with the Christian women who was sentenced to death for using abusive language for Prophet Muhammad, he then gave a media statement that Blasphemy law should be amended because it’s often misused by many people. His Guard considered this as Blasphemy and killed Salman Taseer. The murder of Salman Taseer was celebrated throughout the country,  flowers were thrown on the murderer by lawyers and people. Few people condemned the act. The court has sentenced the Murderer to death but the punishment has not yet been implemented because of the public pressure). In the Survey we asked the participants what is their opinion on the murder of Salman Taseer, 80.0% of the participants said it was a right act.
The participants were asked how should be a person treated who do criticism on a religion or religious person. In the Pre Test 30% responded they should be stopped by speaking to them, 13.3% said they should be left on their own choice, 20% said they should be punished by law , 16.7% said no relations should be kept with them,  20.0% of the participants said logical arguments should be used in reponse to the criticism.
The participants were asked their opinion about India Pakistan problem, In the Pre Test 43.3% of the participants said Pakistan should be equipped with high technology armament,  40.0% of the participants believed Pakistan should strengthen it’s atomic weapon program, 23.3% of the participants said the armies of both countries should stay read on the borders everytime. In the Pre Test 40.0% of the participants said participants of both countries should keep good relations with each other.
In a question whether religions other than Islam should be given the right of establishing their worship places 40% responded as Yes, 36.7% said they should be given limited permission and 23.3% said they shouldn’t be allowed.
The participants were asked if religions other than Islam should have the right of preaching, only 33.3% responded as yes, 40.0% said they should have limited permission and 36.7% said they should not have the permission of preaching.
In the Constitution of Pakistan it has been mentioned that the Sect Ahamdees are non-Muslims while the Ahmadee Sect claims to be Muslim. As an implication, the Ahmadees face discrimination in their social, political and economic life. They have been repeatedly attacked in Pakistan using the pretext of Blasphemy. The participants were asked what their opinion is about the Constitution of Pakistan defining Ahmadees as Non-Muslims, in the Pre Test 80% of the participants respondent that it was important and significant.
According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the position of President and Prime Minister of Pakistan can only be taken by a Muslim. The participants were asked their opinion about it, in the Pre Test 73.3% of the participants favoured it.
Only 33.3% believed that Pakistan should celebrate the festivals of religions other than Islam with enthusiasm.  On the Question to the response to the issue of Talibanization 76.7% respondent the government should do dialogue with Taliban, 20% said government should do Operation against them, 20% said sharia should be implemented, 33.3% said Pakistan should end military and political relations with USA, and 3.3% responded that Taliban should be arrested.
In the Survey the participants were also asked their opinion about the purpose of Education, in the Pre Test 50% of the participants mentioned the objective of education understanding Islam and awareness of Islamic teaching, 43.3% said the objective is spreading the message of God;

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