Aware Girls is member of the following International Organisations and Networks

i. IHEYO (International Humanistic and Ethical Youth Organisation)

The International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO) is devoted to promoting the spread of humanism among young people. IHEYO is working together with many groups and individuals around the world. With humanism in practice IHEYO means all humanist, freethinker, laique, skeptic, rationalist, atheist, agnostics, etc. groups.

ii. Asian Working Group of IEHYO (AHA-IHEYO)

AHA is Asian working group of IHEYO, it aims to promote humanism among young people in Asia.

iii. AWID (Association of Women in Development)

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is an international, multi-generational, feminist, creative, future-orientated membership organization committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights. A dynamic network of women and men around the world, AWID members are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.

iv. International Association of Impact Assessment

IAIA is a forum for advancing innovation, development, and communication of best practice in impact assessment. Our international membership promotes development of local and global capacity for the application of environmental, social, health and other forms of assessment in which sound science and full public participation provide a foundation for equitable and sustainable development.

v. Gender and Water Alliance

The mission of GWA is to promote women’s and men’s equitable access to and management of safe and adequate water, for domestic supply, sanitation, food security and environmental sustainability. GWA believes that equitable access to and control over water is a basic right for all, as well as a critical factor in promoting poverty eradication and sustainability.

vi. WGNRR-Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

WGNRR is an autonomous, independent, grassroots-led network of over a 1000 members that advocates for the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights for all with a particular focus on the most marginalised and believes that achieving this goal requires transformative social change.


Aware Girls is member of the following national Organisations and networks

i. Pakistan NGOs Forum

ii. Sarhad NGOs Ittehad

iii. Pakistan AIDS Control Federation

iv. NGOs Coalition on Child Rights

v. Youth Peer Education Network Pakistan (Y-PEER)

vi. All Pakistan Women Association

vii. Friends of AASHA (Alliance Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace)


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