Call for Research Consultant

Aware Girls is looking for a consultant to conduct a research on  the impact of radicalization and violent extremism on women of Pakistan and Afghanistan and women’s responses for countering radicalization. More specifically, the Research Consultant will produce

  1. A research report documenting impact of radicalization and violent extremism on women’s lives and women’s responses for countering radicalization and violent extremism.
  2. A policy Strategy Paper developed and launched in Press conferences in Pakistan and Afghanistan to among stakeholders to advocate and lay down a strategy for increasing women-women’s peace activists connections for countering radicalization

The Research Consultant with the help of 2 assistants will

  1. Conduct Focus Group Discussion, Interviews, Story Collecting, and conudctSecondary Data analysis to document impact of radicalization/violent extremism on women and women’s responses to the issue.
  2. Collaborate with Aware Girls’ partner Organisation in Afghanistan and facilitate them in developing research report
  3. Compile the research conducted in Afghanistan and Paksitan, into one book titled as the “Impact of Radicalization on Women of Pakistan and Afghanistan and Women’s Responses to Radicalization”
  4. Participate in Pak-Afghan Women Peace exchange programs to be conducted in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to conduct consultation with groups of women peace activists for “Strategy Paper on Increasing Women-Women Connects for Countering Radicalization in Afghanistan”.

Candidate Profile:

  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in relevant fields of study.
  • Minimum of three years relevant experience in conducting research, research report writing, and relevant experience in issues of women empowerment and peacebuilding

Duration of contract

The first research will be conducted and published in a period of 3 months. The Policy Paper will be developed in a period of 1 month (excluding the duration of Peace Exchange Programs).

Starting date

10th Oct, 2016.


The deadline for applications is 5th Oct, 2016.

How to Apply:

Please send a Cover Letter and your CV to before 5th Oct, 2016.


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